Weekly illustrations for Morgenbladet, a Norwegian newspaper with emphasis on culture, art, literature and politics, 2013 – .

Internal conflict about immigration on the political left.


Erdogan gathering power.

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and their club house.

Google knows you better than yourself.


Problems and PROBLEMS.

The battle.

Everyone has an opinion but few wants to listen.



Being and artist and being happy about it.


Should you be afraid of terror?


Suicide as revenge? Illustration on a critique of the series “13 Reasons Why”.

Racial profiling.


Nosy reporters.

Self-congratulatory Scandinavians.


Isolationist versus globalist.

Drug politics and tourism in Thailand.

Positive body image.

False motivation.

Trump’s toilet tweets.

When reality hits.

Nazism groing out of 4CHAN.